I have no self control.

So, I really do try to actually finish a project before I move on to another one- key word being “try.”  Truth is, I have no self control.

Last week we welcomed a new grandbaby into the world.  A granddaughter.  This is our third, the first two are wonderful little boys.  My husband and I have 7 children together.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I had 4, he had 3.  We would have liked to have had a child together, but when we got married the “7” were ages 8-18, and it just wasn’t realistic.  So, we decided that we would have grandchildren together, and so we do!  I imagine that between all of our children, we will have quite a few grandchildren as we go along.  I’m very excited about that.

Speaking of excitement, I came across this pattern for this really cool baby quilt, and even though I have other things to work on, I knew I had to make this for Miss Addy!  Immediately!

Play Date 1

I am a collector by nature.  I can’t help it.  If I like it, I want multiples of it, and I want to keep it forever.  (Do we feel an episode of hoarders coming on?)  This has not always been a helpful thing in my life, however I have begun to get a little more control of it.  This pattern is one of the examples of how I have gotten things a little more under control, and how my collecting nature is also beneficial from time to time.

I do love creative magazines.  I do not love having piles of them around and not being able to find anything.  So, I rip out the patterns and/or ideas that I like, put them in plastic sleeves and keep them in a notebook.  This has ended up being an interesting habit, as it has saved me some money.  This pattern, for instance.  This pattern (“Hey Diddle Diddle) was featured in a magazine some time ago, but it is now a purchasable pattern called “Playtime!” by Karie Patch Designs.  She has several patterns that use this really cool template and technique, and I have wanted to make one for a long time.

What I love about this pattern is that it uses a 3-D bowtie block, which you can attach toys to for the child to play with.  Keeps toys in place rather than flying across the room, and is just WAY cute.  The pattern that I have from the magazine includes a template for the 3-D bowtie.

Play Date 2

Karie Patch Designs has since produced a plastic template for the 3-D bowtie, which makes things much easier.

While I am all about easier, and all about a new ruler, I am also all about cheating, as I have mentioned before.  I was so excited to make this quilt, and since there were no quilt shops near me open at 8:30 Saturday night, I knew that the only way to meet my desire for immediate satisfaction was to cheat.

So, cheat I did.

Play Date 3

First, I measured the template provided in the magazine pattern, then decided I could probably do it with my ruler.  I will admit that my measurement is not exactly the same as the one in the pattern, but close enough, and it turned out great.  I decided my 3-D bowtie should be 3″ wide, so I lined up the 1 1/2″ mark diagonally on my squares (one stacked on top of another).

Play Date 4


Play Date 5Whacked the other side.

I then sewed down each side of the “tie”, leaving both pointed ends open.  I turned the “tie”, then following the directions in the pattern, attached it to the background fabric, with a little twist.

Play Date 6

Cute, huh?  Then, when the quilt is finished, you can just attach toys (you know, the kind that hang from car seats and strollers and such) to the 3-D bowtie.  When it is time to pick up baby, quilt, and toys, the toys just get picked up with the quilt.

More to come on this one…

One thought on “I have no self control.

  1. Angela, I think I understand this. I don’t understand the templates and directions so often. This is one that I feel I will try soon

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