Selvage or Selvedge?

Yeah, totally had to look it up.  Turns out they’re both right.  I’m cool with that.

I have been collecting selvedges for years.  People bring them to me in little baggies with hopeful looks on their faces, wanting to know what brilliant project I am going to make with them.  I have disappointed them all, as I have not come up with anything super fabulous so far.  I wanted to use the words on the selvedges to write a story, but it just hasn’t worked.  Anyway, I recently had a little inspiration for a couple of projects, and I pulled out that box of selvedges.


This is how the box looked when I started.  (The lid was smashed on pretty good.)  Along with tons of selvedges, I also have tons of leftover batting.  I really have difficulty letting go, especially of any kind of fibers.  Bits of fabric, batting, thread, yarn, you name it.  It really is a disease, but I don’t really want to be cured.


I recently got a new laptop so that I can haul it around with me as I travel.  I wanted to make a kind of sleeve for it so that even as I slide it in my tote or whatever it would be a little more protected.  And also, not so obvious that it was a computer.  So, I measured the laptop and generously cut a piece of batting that would word for my desired result.  Then I simply laid the selvedges on the batting and started sewing.  Each selvedge overlays on the one before, and they are just simply top stitched onto the batting.


I did this for the full length of my bit of batting, then trimmed it to the desired size for the computer.  I lined it with a cute fabric, then folded it with right sides together, and a flap for the top and seamed down each side.  Easy peasy.



Then I was on to the next project.  Pin cushions.  I needed to do a few thank you gifts for some guild members, and I thought these would be cute.  I just cut the prepared selvedge “fabric” down to 5″ squares, backed them with a 5″ square of fabric, and filled with crushed walnut shells.


After I made 11 of these for my guild members, I still had a stack of selvedge squares left, and needed a little encouragement to finish them.  (I was way sick of stuffing pin cushions at this point!)


So, I talked to my sweet friend and asked her to help me find a purpose to finish the rest of those silly pin cushions, and she said I should donate them to the Jarrell Plantation gift shop as a fundraiser.


Well, once I had a purpose in making those silly pincushions, I got the rest of them made- 27 to be exact, and dropped them off!  (I hate to admit how glad I was to see them go!)


And this is how the box looked when I finished.  Do you see anything wrong with this picture?  (Hint, compare it to the one before I started!)

4 thoughts on “Selvage or Selvedge?

  1. Haha, they must multiply. Cute projects though. I hate to throw away pieces of fabric too. I need to just start sewing them all together like Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

  2. It is absolutely crazy to me that after making a sleeve for a laptop AND 38 pin cushions that I had MORE selvedges than I started with! Well, okay, maybe not more, but it sure looks like it! Oh, and totally loving Victoria Findlay Wolfe!

  3. What a great idea to use them up. I’m starting to collect them as I too hate to see anything be tossed into the bin. I know what you mean by your stash feeling like its grown once when you’ve raided it. I sometimes set myself the challenge of only using my scrap stash for a project but I always seems to have more after the project than before I started it.

  4. I know what you mean StitchNSew- I make it a challenge for myself to use scraps without buying more fabric, but usually, I have to buy at least a background, and of course, that creates more scraps!

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