Modern Quilting- A Little Like Picaso-


Three Musicians by Pablo Picaso, 1921. Image from

Pablo Picaso.  He’s been on my mind a bit the last couple of days.  I’m sure you’re familiar enough with his work to easily believe that the above image is one of his works.  But, would you recognize the following also as being one of his?


The Communion by Pablo Picasso, 1895-96. Image from

He painted that one when he was fifteen.  Please tell me you are “wowed” by that.  Both of them.

So, what does Picaso have to do with modern quilting?  A lot, if you ask me.  For instance, I’ve been quilting for over 21 years, and while I am not as skilled at quilting as Picaso was at classical painting, I know enough to get by.  Yet these days I often have weeks like this past one.  I start off working on something that looks like this…

2014-06-07 15.55.18

Shirts by Carolyn Friedlander. Click pic for link to my post about this project.

And then I shift over to something that looks like this…

2014-06-07 15.56.15

Modern Medallion by twolittleaussiebirds. Click pic for link to purchase this pattern.

Or vice versa.  Starting to get my point?  I love this about modern quilting.  It is just another interpretation of something that’s been done a certain way for an awfully long time.  Kinda like Picaso.

So, I’ve already posted about the All Shirts Swap on this blog, and technically, I’ve already posted about working on the center of the Modern Medallion Quilt Along, but just not on this blog.  Instead, I hijacked guest posted on Schnitzel & Boo about how Kristi and I put together our center blocks.  However, the pics posted there are her quilt, and of course, I want to show mine.

2014-06-07 07.40.51

Click on the pic for a link to my post on

This is such a fun quilt to make, and I am loving the processes involved so far.  I am also loving seeing how different quilters are interpreting the directions and design.  You’ll have to check out the post on both Two Little Aussie Birds and Schnitzel and Boo.  Both have loads of info about the quilt along, and a great kind of link-up party.  Enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Modern Quilting- A Little Like Picaso-

  1. Still looks fantastic….love it…Ahhh.. Why did you tempt me with these gorgeous choices…really having thoughts on making one more…lol…

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