Home is Where You Launch and Land

FullSizeRenderI think I may have mentioned before that I have a slight addiction.  Actually, several of them.  But today we are here to talk about swaps, in particular the ever famous and fabulous Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap, created by none other than Kristi McDonough.  I didn’t know about the swap in Round 1, but I got hooked on Round 2.  There was a little glitch in Round 2 and I actually received two minis, although I only made one.  So, when Round 3 came around arrangements were made for me to make for two partners, which was perfect.

One of my partners- Giuseppe- aka @giucy_giuce on Instagram- is an incredibly talented quilter.  He also is eloquent, and his posts are as lovely to read as they are to look at.  He has an obsession with the Flying Geese quilt block and feet, which just cracks me up.  He takes amazing pics of his creations, the places he visits, and the people he cares for.  It was a delight to “stalk” him in true secret-swap-partner fashion.

Inspiration can take a minute to hit, and that was true in this case.  I had a really great idea, complete with a hanging attached pic of his feet, until I read a couple of his posts more in depth, and then the wheels really started to turn.  I’ve included the posts that influenced me the most-

IMG_8846 IMG_8844IMG_8845Giuseppe’s posts stirred something in my heart, and suddenly bits and pieces tucked away in my studio started to gather in my mind, and I knew it was right.  I grabbed the pack of hand dyes from Cherrywood Fabrics, a couple of Carolyn Friedman patterns, and I was off to the races.


Giuseppe- those feet are just for you. Sorry, no toes, it’s winter.

Even though my gut was screaming with joy over it, I wasn’t confident.  Truly, I was worried that the hand dyes wouldn’t be well received by my “modern quilting” cronies, and I was afraid that it was too artsy, too personal, too much.  But I couldn’t stop.  Like driving through the snow storm because your heart tells you home is ahead, even though everything around you tells you that you don’t know where you are going.


Click the picture to order Carolyn Friedlander’s pattern “the Grove quilt” at my Etsy shop.

It actually came together pretty quickly.  Kind of freight-trainish.


Click the pic to go to Jeliquilts’ pattern shop

Is there such a thing as double paper piecing?  I don’t know, but I think that’s what I did.  I used a portion of Kelly Liddle’s pattern “War and Geese” to create the flying geese in the sky above the house, which came from Carolyn Friedlander’s pattern “the Local quilt”.


Click the pic to link to Carolyn Friedlander’s pattern “the Local quilt” in my Etsy shop.

At this point I started to get worried again.  It was entirely too large for the requirements of a mini quilt swap.  I panicked and sent pictures to Kristi asking what to do, and she very patiently reassured me that all would be well and to carry on.


Mini’s are generally not supposed to be larger than 24″ on any given side, and mine was way bigger than that.

Doesn’t it look like somewhere that Giuseppe would live?  I think so.  Now, the quilting….


While I used my favorite, Aurifil thread, to piece the quilt, I did use another thread for quilting. “Smoke” MonoPoly in the top and “Silver” Bottom Line in the bobbin, both by Superior Threads.

I love binding quilts.  I don’t know what it is about it, but it is one of my favorite parts of the process.  I think that in part it is because I don’t sit down for much of anything, and binding gives me a chance to sit and catch up on a show or two.  This time I think I watched some Downton Abbey.



When it was done I thought my heart would burst.  I honestly think this might be one of my most favorite projects.  Ever.  All I ever want to do is give shape and form to all of the things that are flying around inside of me, and I think this time Giuseppe’s words helped me catch a bit of it and make it real.  Thanks isn’t enough.  I get how you feel Giuseppe- we are different people living different lives in different places, but the feelings are still the same.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t put a label on this one. I wrote on the back instead. The backing was something from my stash, a piece of fabric printed with travel themed papers- passports, tickets and such. Apropos.

I headed to my local post office, admittedly a little late.  I knew, through my stalking skills on IG, that Giuseppe was out of town, and I hoped that it would be waiting for him when he got home.  Then I heard about the huge snow storm hitting NY, and my heart sunk a little.  But, all’s well that ends well.  Both he and the package were delayed, and they ended up getting home on exactly the same day.  How about them apples?

And if that wasn’t enough, this is the post he put up while waiting in the airport in LA before he got home-

IMG_8843All I can say is follow your heart and your mind will help you find the way.

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