What I learned at QuiltCon 2015- Austin, TX


 1.  Austin always smells.  Good like food.  Or bad like skunk.


[American Context #68] Double Elvis by Luke Haynes

2.  You don’t have to get it to like it, and you don’t have to like it to get it.


Self-Portrait, Year Two (Beneath the Surface) by Penny Gold

3.  It’s okay to be uncomfortable.


4.  There are an awful lot of pros to traveling alone.  And some cons too.

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5.  When stopping to trade pins or chat for a moment, it is a good idea to find out to whom exactly you are speaking.

Nancy Zieman.  That's all I can say.

Nancy Zieman. That’s all I can say.

6.  I need a set of about 5 or 6 really good questions because “You are amazing” is stupid and a waste of an opportunity.

[The American Context #16] Christina's World by Luke Haynes

[The American Context #16] Christina’s World by Luke Haynes

7.  Documenting credits for each piece of work photographed is essential.  Especially when sharing with others.


8.  Defining modern quilters/quilting is still controversial and subjective.


9.  Next time, get the one with the quilt block on it.

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10.  Some things just have to be experienced in person.

3 thoughts on “What I learned at QuiltCon 2015- Austin, TX

  1. I had a great time meeting you, too, Angela–I remember you from your pin! And I just read your post about your Jackson Pollock-inspired pillow; it made me so happy! I’m humbled to think that that was inspired in part by my lecture–thank you so much for attending!!

    • Thank you so much! QuiltCon 2015 was a great experience for me. I came away feeling both validated and courageous, and I can’t say that happens at every show I attend. Thank you for being a part of that.

      So funny you remember me- I will never forget walking into the lecture hall and wanting to do a face palm. I couldn’t believe that I spent a few good minutes chatting with you in the bathroom and never realized who you were. Next time we meet we’ll have a real conversation…

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