#FQS1930FarmersWife, Week 1

T21311.  The formula for creating almost straight-up quilting pandemonium is as follows:  great quilt book in limited supply + 3(quilty sponsors) + x(sewlebrity blog posts) = Facebook group with over 4,000 members pledged to completing the (99) 6.5″ blocks over the next year.

Angie Facebook 1930

2.  Angie at GnomeAngel.com is a brilliant coordinator.  Did I mention over 4,000 FB members?  Of all quilting skill levels?  And of all computing skill levels?  And of all Facebook skill levels?  And various languages?  And sometimes they read directions, but most of the time they post questions that would have been answered if they had read the directions?  And she just skips through it all- laying down the law and encouraging everyone’s efforts at the same time.  Not believing I could, or would, have such grace.


3.  I was following directions to share pics of my blocks as they were made, and loved the suggestion to get a little creative with the photo shoot.  There are literally thousands of pics of the blocks that we are making floating all over the Internet, and the ones I like the best actually have a story behind them.  So here’s Becky and Bonnie’s story- This is our son.  He got home last week from a two-year mission to Brazil.  I hadn’t seen his face in a very long time.  He has an accent.  He loves beans and rice now.  He is kind, wise and hardworking.  He is a man.  And he is home so I can take a picture of him with my quilt blocks.


4.  A little color theory with this crew goes a long way.  Lee of May Chappell is one truly talented unit, and we had such a great time together learning all the things about all the colors.  Okay, maybe not all.  There’s only so much you can do in 6 hours.  And you should totally NOT try to take a pic of a 6.5″ block from across the room.


5.  When your friend, aka @theshortmunchkin, that you met at Stash Bash and lives in your phone decides to makes a real-life appearance in town for her Granny’s birthday, you get in your car and meet her for dinner at Athens Pizza in Atlanta.  Then you take a pic of her with your own real-life short munchkin and your Aunt block from the 1930s Farmer’s Wife quilt.  Because that’s what you do.

Are you quilting along on your Farmer’s Wife quilt?  If you are in the area, we meet together for Farmer’s Wife Fridays once a month.  Check the Upcoming Events tab for dates and registration info.  You don’t have to come for the whole day, and you don’t even have to work on the 1930s edition.  In fact, you really can work on whatever you want.  That’s just how we roll.  #makeitlikeyoumeanit

4 thoughts on “#FQS1930FarmersWife, Week 1

  1. Ok, the photo with your son is the best block photo I’ve seen so far! How SWEET to have him home! Also, LOVE your opening paragraph summing up the first two weeks. What a fun read. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! I’m excited about documenting my life over the next year with this quilt. It wasn’t the original plan, but it certainly gives it more meaning. I hope you enjoy your own 99 block journey!

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