#FQS1930FarmersWife, Week 2

T21311.  It is totes possible to squeeze in a little FW piecing during a week packed with floor cloth classes, a much needed hair appointment, a guild presentation on wedge rulers, the delivery of a new longarm machine, family coming in town, discussions on a spring wedding, celebrating our granddaughter’s 2nd birthday, and a little dutch oven cooking on an autumn evening with friends and family.  Good grief.  So glad I decided to paper piece these babies.


2.  If you are going to slack off from work and hang out with your family for the evening, why not do it while eating an enormous pizza.  Oh, and don’t forget the butter balls.  Please don’t forget them.  My butt certainly hasn’t.


3.  This is our daughter Brandy with our soon-to-be-son-in-law Victor holding the Caroline block.  We are in the throws of brainstorming wedding plans, and we took the time to visit the venue together and start getting a more concrete plan of what to expect next May. 


4.  There are just some nights that need to be spent in the yard in front of a fire.  With family, friends, perfect weather, dutch oven stew, roasted marshmallows and an amazing sunset.


5.  And this is baby cakes and her momma posing with quilt block Betty.  She came to town to celebrate her 2nd birthday, which involved rather adorable piggy cupcakes, large inflatable slides and a plethora of gifts.  She was born just after her Uncle Cristian went to Brazil for a two-year mission, so it was the first time they got to meet!  And, by her next birthday she will be the big sister of not just one new sibling, but two!  Yup, her momma’s having twins!

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