the Tula Pink Coloring Book: 75+ Signature Designs in Fanciful Coloring Pages


A few months ago I was standing in line at the craft store and saw a stack of very intricate coloring books near the register.  I was immediately drawn back 30 years or so ago when my cousin and I would spend summer afternoons laying on the floor coloring in black and white booklets full of tessellating patterns and repetitive graphic designs.  I also collected unusual coloring books from the places we would visit as a family.  I don’t know what ever happened to those books, but oh, how I loved them.  I kept them hidden away from my younger siblings, and chose each color carefully whenever I did break down and actually color in them.  It seems I am not alone in that experience, as the market has recently exploded coloring books designed with the mature aesthetic palate in mind.

The Tula Pink Coloring Book has certainly hit this nail on the head.  Some of the pages beg that pack of special markers to come out of their hiding place, while others whisper, “Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a new pack of colored pencils?”  I’m even curious about using those little oil pastel sticks- harder to stay in the lines with those, but I’m not sure I care.  I like that the pages are perforated so they can be carefully removed and laid out on the table for optimal coloring.  If one dares to take it apart from all of its glory.

This particular copy is going to our daughter who is currently on an 18 month mission to Brazil, and I happen to know that she would find this especially relaxing on her day off.  But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’d like to sneak a few of the pages for myself- especially the ones from The Birds And The Bees and Bumble.  And Prince Charming.  And Neptune.  And Nest.  Oh for pity’s sake.  I guess I have to get my own.

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