#FQS1930FarmersWife, Week 5

One of the things I am loving about this quilt along is the pace.  Yesterday I was thinking that I was so far behind and that I would have so much trouble catching up.  Ahem.  Two blocks.  An hour and a half.  Yeah.


  1.  Thanks, iPhone, for keeping track of exactly how inactive I am outside of Quilt Market.  Too bad that doing this twice a year doesn’t really add up to much.


2.  Sometimes you have to bribe your teenage daughter with a little lunch to get her to help you take pics for a tutorial.  Getting her to be in the pic with said lunch and block #45, Jenny, just cost too dang much.


3.  This is what Snow White would look like if she was a Senior in High School preparing to go to college in 2016.  Happy Halloween!  (haha- she’s gonna kill me if she sees this!)


4.  Being in a panic does not change the task at hand.  It only makes it a miserable experience.  This is a lifelong lesson for me.  If I dwell too much on the list, I just make myself crazy.  So, I think I will just keep moving forward, and celebrate the victories as they come.  Block #41, Granny.


5.  This is my view from my front porch.  I love crisp autumn mornings, and I am so grateful for this simple thing in my life.

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