Love you SO much I can barely stand it!

I love holidays, and really, any reason to celebrate by making something for someone, especially my kiddos and grands. I especially like corny or cliche sayings that I can find something cute to go with. Sometimes my ideas are pretty cute, and sometimes they are way dumb, but always meant to show the recipient a little bit o’ love.

This Valentine’s Day I decided to make these phone/tablet stands that I found a free, online tutorial for. I had found it quite a while ago, but had forgotten about it until a friend reminded me about it. You can find the pattern by clicking Factotum of Arts.

There were a couple of Open Studio days scheduled at The Green Apricot, so I offered kits for the “insides” of the stands and invited friends to come and sew with me. I replaced the rice with poly pellets, as food stuffs have a tendency to attract critters. I also cut the stabilizing piece of Pellon to 5 1/2″ rather than 5 3/4″ because it seemed easier to work with, but that was about it for changes.

On the first 6-hour day, I made 10 stands. I got two out of one fat quarter, with a decent chunk left over. Because the cut is 9″x12″, you can get 2 out of a 1/4 yard of non-directional fabric. If you are using directional fabric, be sure to cut it so that the top to bottom is the 9″. The pics on the website are with directional fabric, so just look at the pic carefully for proper placement.

On day two, I made 10 more. A few more than I need for my family for Valentine’s Day, giving me a little stash of gifts for later in the year. They make great pin cushions as well as device stands- perfect for that next pin cushion exchange. They also are a cute shape, and I think I may be inspired to get a little more creative next time. I’m thinking gnome or Santa heads.  Or a chicken. Or marshmallow Peeps. Hmmmm.

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