While I am getting to a place in my life where I am less likely to feel the need to explain myself, I suppose I will go ahead and address yesterday’s blog post as it seems to have raised some controversy. 1- It was a list that has been rolling around in my head for at least months, maybe years. It had nothing to do with any particular event or person. 2- It was a list of things that so many of us think, but don’t dare say. If you are a maker and have never experienced any of those feelings of frustration, you haven’t been making long enough. 3- I really am generally a happy person who is more than glad to do whatever I can to help whomever asks at whatever time, and would never intentionally be unkind to someone. However, I can go 0 to Medusa in a heartbeat, and it takes a lot of self control to keep a good perspective and remember not to sweat the small stuff. Because it’s all small. Now that I’m in my mid forties, I find that harder and harder to do. Maybe a few of you can relate. Maybe not. Anyway, don’t be offended, because it wasn’t meant to offend. It was meant to make you laugh. At me.

3 thoughts on “#sorrynotsorry

  1. I enjoyed your blog post. I was not offended, and I laughed, not at you, but at myself, which is my favorite. I think I am hilarious, so laughing at myself is common. I am glad to hear you laugh at yourself too. I also have less tolerance for people pushing my boundaries now that I am 50, but I think I am just tired. I have been an upbeat, let me help you fill your cup to overflowing type of person my whole life, and I just have less patience these days… I guess it could be hormones… LOL Loved your post(s)!

    • So funny- I know what you mean, I think I’m hilarious, too!!!! And I think part of the frustration is hormones, but agree it has something to do with being tired. I think the older we get, the more we hear the same thing, and while the person may not mean anything by it, when you’ve heard it year in and year out, it gets more difficult to just let it pass!

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