Stuff Your Stocking: Stockings, Pillow Mattresses and Sunglass Cases

As one of our daughter’s says on the 4th of July, “Christmas is tomorrow!” Pretty close, anyway. Use the week of July 26-30 to knock out a bit of your Christmas list. Or maybe just a gift list for any time of year. Or maybe just some fun stuff for yourself. Either way, each day is packed with multiple projects, and lots of fun!  Pick which projects you want to do each day, or make one of each- it’s all up to you.  Click here for the full calendar.

Up first- Tuesday, July 26- Stockings, Pillow Mattresses and Sunglass Cases


I have made lots of Christmas stockings over the years, and have had a lot of fun each time.  I recently found this method onlie, and I’m pretty excited about it.  Check out Sew Like My Mom for details and supplies needed.  I have a plexiglass stocking pattern that you can use if you would like to cut yours out in the studio.

I love the idea of our grandkids being able to use these at our house when they spend the night or are watching television.  You can easily pull the pillows out for washing, and they can be used as chairs as well as sleeping mats.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and while I can find lots of pictures, there are not so many clear instructions.  Bring a twin sheet OR premade pillowcases OR 3 yds of 60″ wide fabric.  Of course, you could make your fabric… just sayin.
How fun are these?!?  I especially love that the tutorial at Thread Riding Hood offers several different finishing options.  If you choose this project, make sure to go to the tutorial page and check the supply list for the case or cases you would like to make.  If you need magnetic closures or button cover kits or the like, just let me know and I can order them for you.  Remember, 15% off for The Green Apricot members.

In order to make the most of your time, I suggest having fabrics chosen and as much cutting as possible done ahead of time.  Think of this time in the studio similarly to a retreat.

Don’t forget all of your goodies- machine, projects, and maybe your favorite snacks and a sack lunch.  (Or we can order out for lunch- no problem!)

Nonmembers- $36, Members- 6 hours (each day) Click here to register for Tuesday, July 26

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