Stuff Your Stocking: Sew Together Bag, Boxy Totes and Zippy Pouches

As one of our daughter’s says on the 4th of July, “Christmas is tomorrow!” Pretty close, anyway. Use the week of July 26-30 to knock out a bit of your Christmas list. Or maybe just a gift list for any time of year. Or maybe just some fun stuff for yourself. Either way, each day is packed with multiple projects, and lots of fun!  Pick which projects you want to do each day, or make one of each- it’s all up to you.  Click here for the full calendar.

And on Day 3? Thursday, July 28- Sew Together Bag, Boxy Totes and Zippy Pouches

The Sew Together bag by Sew Demented is amazing.  Great for sewists, but also for jewelry and other small collections.  It makes a wonderful gift, and is easier to do the first time with a little guidance.  If you choose this project for the day, you are not likely to make any of the others, so just keep that in mind.  It takes a little time to make the first one, but after that you could have a real assembly line goine.  Remember that The Green Apricot has a wide range of zippers to choose from, both 14″ and 22″, which work for this project.

Kelby Sews is my favorite tutorial for the boxy bag, and if you follow my blog you may know that I made a horde of them earlier this year for gifts.  I love making this bag, and it is truly so handy to have.  Perfect for stuffing with fun stuff like shaving kits or manicure sets.  I always have interfacing and zippers available to purchase, so bring your fabrics and thread and let’s get some boxy pouches made!
Another one of my favorite zipper pouches is the Dumpling zip pouch by Michelle Patterns.  It looks a lot harder than it is, and really makes a darling little pouch for keeping things organized in a purse or drawer.  It doesn’t take a lot of fabric, and as I mentioned above, I always have lots of zippers and interfacing available for purchase if you need it.

Don’t forget all of your goodies- machine, projects, and maybe your favorite snacks and a sack lunch.  (Or we can order out for lunch- no problem!)

Nonmembers- $36, Members- 6 hours (each day)  Click here to register for Thursday, July 28, 9am- 4pm. 


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