Stuff Your Stocking: Fabric US Map, Fabric Magnets and Button Bookmarks

As one of our daughter’s says on the 4th of July, “Christmas is tomorrow!” Pretty close, anyway. Use the week of July 26-30 to knock out a bit of your Christmas list. Or maybe just a gift list for any time of year. Or maybe just some fun stuff for yourself. Either way, each day is packed with multiple projects, and lots of fun!  Pick which projects you want to do each day, or make one of each- it’s all up to you.  Click here for the full calendar.

On the 4th day of … Friday, July 29- Fabric US Map, Fabric Magnets and Button Bookmarks

I am so obsessed with maps of the US.  I love to travel, and I love to think about all the people that I love that live all over this country.  I’ve been wanting to do a project like this for a while, so let’s do it.  The tutorial is by Flamingo Toes, and is for a map that would be finished in this huge embroidery hoop.  I will probably do mine as a mini.  I might make a couple of them, with an embroidered heart on the state where the receiver is from.  Just an idea.  I wonder about framing it.  Anyway, no sewing on this one, just fabric and fusible web.  As always, I have lots of fusible available for purchase.  15% discount to members.

Now here’s a scrapbuster- fabric covered magnets.  Easy peasy, and a good to have a few on hand for last minute hostess gifts.  Or maybe combine with a metal photo board for a bigger gift.  Check out Andrea’s Notebook for the supply list.  Let me know if you need me to get magnets and cover button kits for you.
 I know, crazy simple, right?  But seriously, a little dedicated time and you’ll have bunches of these to use for anything from dressing up a gifted book to a money clip in a Christmas stocking.  And, you could use scraps and make covered buttons to do the same thing.  I’ll have the glue, as usual, so just bring your paper clips, buttons and whatever else you can find to decorate your bookmarks.  I’m hoping I can find donuts…

Don’t forget all of your goodies- machine, projects, and maybe your favorite snacks and a sack lunch.  (Or we can order out for lunch- no problem!)

Nonmembers- $36, Members- 6 hours (each day) Click here to register for Friday, July 29, 9am- 4pm.

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