Jim Shore’s Angel Coloring Book: 55+ Glorious Folk Art Angel Designs for Inspirational Coloring


When I saw this title come across my desk, I was immediately reminded of when I first saw Jim Shore’s artwork coming into the quilting scene.  I was thinking that it was the late 1990s, but looking at his bio it was more likely the early 2000s.  My quilting peeps and I were all pretty excited to see the brightly colored sculptures, all clearly indicating a heavy influence from quilting.  Currently some of my favorites are from his Peanuts and Disney lines (I really want Pete’s Dragon), but I remember that when they first came widely available, I was crazy for so many of Jim’s Santa designs.  His Angel designs have also been hugely popular over the years, and this new coloring book gives Jim Shore fans the opportunity to be a part of his design process.

Page 4

Jim’s work is known to have multiple themes and intricate designs, so there is plenty and enough on each page to scratch a creative itch.  And in keeping with his style, there are additional elements to color, cut out and add to each angel for a 3D creation.  At 8 1/2″ x 10″, this one is perfect for sliding into your carry-on bag for the plane, or your weekend bag to the cabin.  Grab your favorite pack of colored pencils and a cuppa something yummy to drink, and get ready to relax for a few.

Click any of the links above for more info on Jim Shore, and get your copy of his coloring book at the Interweave Store.




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