An editorial based on an editorial…

A very interesting and controversial editorial about the Modern Quilt Guild just came to my attention, and I started to share it on The Green Apricot Facebook page, but it occurred to me that it might be post-worthy. The blog article I’m referring to is “You can’t break up if there wasn’t a relationship in the first place” by Mandy Leins, and you should click this link to read it before continuing to read my post.

I currently belong to three guilds, including WAMQG, but I have no misgivings about the foibles and failings of quilt guilds at large, both traditional and modern. Leadership is often more of a dictatorship, and the membership is often lazy and demanding. Politics run rampant, feelings get hurt, bylaws are completely ignored or conveniently and quietly rewritten, and money is spent and decisions are made without bringing a motion to the floor for voting.

But… Friendships are formed. Newbies and experienced ones are supported. Programs help with progress. Challenges bring both laughter and tears. And few things are as powerful as a group of quilters armed with sewing supplies and a charitable mission.

So, join a guild. Or don’t. Quit your guild. Or don’t. But how about make a decision with your eyes open, and confident that you are being true to yourself by spending time doing things that matter to you with people, good or bad, that you can care for?

I am not an MQG insider, and I did not know some of the details mentioned in this post. While in a lot of ways I think this is sad, I have to say I felt a bit relieved to read it because it put a voice to a number of concerns that have been crawling under my skin, but haven’t made themselves manifest. I’m a bit cautious these days when it comes to guilds, and frankly, any organized groups of people who try to define or pigeon-hole its members to the point of elitism, but I still find value in them. I also think that in the grand scheme of things, MQG is still very young, and it will be interesting to see how it forms and changes over time. And how exactly people who lie outside of its boundaries respond.

It’s kind of exciting to witness it all.

One thought on “An editorial based on an editorial…

  1. Hear, hear! I found the local guild to be as enjoyable as a PTA meeting, but a significant number of local quilters get a lot from membership. More power to them. I have my own party-of-one guild. Happy quilting!

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