Happy Quilts!  10 Fun, Kid-Themed Quilts and Coordinating Soft Toys

What better way to start a road trip than a book review?  Unless you get car sick when reading or sewing, in which case it’s a terrible way to start a long weekend. But I’m not car sick, and I digress. As usual.

Meet Antonie Alexander of theredbootquiltcompany.com. Isn’t she adorable?!?  Of course she is. How do I know she’s adorable?  Have I visited her in Brisbane?  Had a stirring quilt convo over vegemite sandwich?

Nope. But, I have met her through her creations in her book “Happy Quilts,” and I can promise you, she really is adorable.

Ignore my thumb and the car door. Instead, let’s talk about the Bedtime Superheroes quilt. Hello. Sixteen super heroes.  Boys. Girls. Perfection. And that softie.  Our college-bound daughter is obsessed.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a softie newbie, so the superhero made me a bit nervous, but as you can see Toni included patterns for multiple levels of experience. This bear is super cute, and I can see doing several of these for gifts.

Oh, and I’m still on the way to Florida.

Toni’s book includes all of the templates on a disk, which is so much easier to deal with than a large printout or trying to photocopy from the book itself. I found the templates and directions to be well written and designed, so they were easy to follow.

Wild Things is my favorite quilt in this book, and I had to try my hand at the stuffie. Juliette conceded that it was pretty dang cute, and while she isn’t giving up on a collection of stuffed superheroes, she was delighted over a monster to take to college.

And so, let me introduce Sawyer. Ummm, yeah, not sure I wanna let either one of them go to college. Just sayin.

But that’s still a couple of weeks away. For now we’ll just enjoy a family cookout and gathering in Orlando, and maybe plot another project from “Happy Quilts.”

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