The Grand Architect

by Angela Gubler.  First written June 2016

There was once a Grand Architect and his Wife.  They worked together daily planning and creating a beautiful home, all the while watching their family grow.  They had a wonderful family, and each day they would look into the eyes of each and every child, imprinting everything about them onto their own hearts.  They loved their children very much, and their children loved them.  Their children gathered around them always- watching and listening to them.  The Architect and his Wife were very happy, and it brought them great joy to be with their family.

But the Architect knew that his children loved him, at least in part, because he was all they knew.  He also knew, in his infinite wisdom, that the great bond that he had with each of them could only grow deeper and stronger if they had the chance to choose to love him.  But how?  How could he give them a chance to choose?

He would build them a new home, similar to their real home, so that they could remember him, but different, so they could have a chance to choose.  Plans were made, and the new home was created.  The Grand Architect knew that he couldn’t be there with them because his bond with his children was so great that if he was there, they would automatically choose to be with him, thus taking away their ability to choose.  So, who would watch over them, and help them the way he would help them if he was there?  He needed someone who was most like him, who knew him best and would take care of them the way he would himself.

“Ah, yes, that one,” he thought to himself as his heart whispered the name of The One.  But what if they couldn’t remember him, and what if they chose to love someone or something else more than him?  He knew they would be lost, because while they were his children and could become as powerful as he was, they were still just children, and could not do it alone.  He thought of the The One again, and he thought of what he himself would be willing to do to save all of his children.  His heart seemed to stop at the thought. He knew what The One would have to sacrifice and suffer so that all of the others would have a chance to choose.  He knew it was the way, the only way, but it hurt him so that even one of his own children would have to suffer so terribly.

But he couldn’t hesitate.  The bond between himself and his children needed to grow in order for them to grow.  They could not become like him- grand architects- if they didn’t have the chance to choose to be with him.

So, he gave them the opportunity to go to their new home.  He explained his plans to them.  Some of them wanted to stay where they were, but most of them listened to their Father, and took the opportunity to build their bond with him.

They went to their new home, and as he knew they would, they forgot about him.  They didn’t remember their real home, and their new home was full of conflicts and choices and experiences they had never had before.  There was pure beauty and soft voices that reminded them of something they couldn’t remember, but there were also so many things that were new, and sounds that were loud that caught their attention.

He watched as they struggled, and he waited each day for them to look for him, to gather around and watch and listen to him as they had done before.  The One showed them the way, and taught them to remember the Grand Architect.  The Grand Architect was grateful, as he missed his children more than he could bear.

The children had a harder time than they thought they would.  They had thought that they would easily remember their Father, but it was not so.  Sometimes they loved other things or people more than they loved the Architect, and so their bond with him weakened.  As their bond weakened, they became weak.  They found it difficult to stand.  They found it impossible to grow.  How could they ever get back to their home?

The One knew how.  He knew how to mend the bond between the children and their Father, and he worked at it tirelessly.  He had become a Great Welder, and he used parts of himself to meld the children back to their Father.  But they had to choose.  They had to take their broken bonds to The One in order for him to fix it.  They still had to choose to love Father in order for their bond to become stronger and deeper.

Many came, but many did not.  It was a chance the Grand Architect had taken.  But he loved all of his children, so he made new homes for all of them, even the ones who chose not to love him and come home to be with him again.  As time went on, his children made their choice.  And so, he gave gifts to all of them, regardless of whether or not they chose to love him.

But the ones that chose to love him over everyone and everything else found a deeper and stronger joy than the rest.  They found themselves to be like him- grand architects with families of their own.  And so, they did as their Father and Mother had done before them, and built a beautiful home.

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