Greetings and welcome to The Green Apricot- just a crazy little blog by a crazy little chica! (No, I’m not Spanish, I just like Spanish words, and probably use them totally incorrectly!) Anyway, this is just a journey through my creative nuttiness, and I’ve invited you to come along. If you are looking for perfection, this is not the blog for you. In real life I am a rule follower, but when it comes to creating, I believe in breaking as many rules as possible. Actually, I am just lazy, and I don’t like doing things the hard way, so you’ll find that I bend the rules- a lot. I often say that patterns are just a nice suggestion!

Wondering about green apricots? My husband grew up in a little town in southern Utah called Santa Clara. They had apricot trees on their property, and he always talks about how he and his brothers and sisters looked forward to green apricots every Spring. He would eat them until they made him sick, and that’s about how I feel about creating- I can’t wait to get into my studio, and I don’t stop working until I have to!

PS- One day I will get a better camera!

PPS-  I also have another blog- just a few quips about my life posted once a week.  They’re usually pretty funny, sometimes uplifting, sometimes snarky.  Click here for a little insight into who I really am…


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