So, what am I good at, and what exactly can The Green Apricot do for your guild or group?


Photo by Charles Phaneuf

I specialize in product reviews and comparisons, and in particular why one product can work better for one quilter, and a different one for another.  Many patterns can be made easier by the use of the proper tool, and who doesn’t love an easier, faster or more accurate way of doing something?  I also carry these tools in my store, and will have them available as part of my visit to your guild for a 15% discount from my online prices.  The majority of the products I review are rulers, however, if there is a particular product or method that your guild is interested in learning about, I will gladly review those products and then demonstrate them for you.


Photo by Charles Phaneuf

An example would be a demonstration on tools for making the Flying Geese block.  I would demonstrate several different tools on the market for making the block, comparing them to each other as well as to traditional methods.  I would also show patterns that each of the tools would be well suited for, therefore educating your guild members about tools they may already have, or may want to add to their tool box.

If you would like The Green Apricot to be part of one or more of your guild meetings, here are some options:

1- Pop-up Shop.  This involves no lecture or demonstrations, but just simply having products available for purchase before, during, or after your meetings.  This option involves a $100 fee.  I offer a 15% discount on all purchases at guild events.

2- Lecture and demonstration.  Just as it sounds, this involves a discussion on the chosen set of tools and/or technique as determined by the guild at the time of scheduling.  The fees are $100 with a pop-up shop, or $175 without.  There is a $50 deposit required at the time of booking.  I offer a 15% discount on all purchases at guild events.

3- Market Review.  In the months of June and November I offer a Quilt Market Review.  I bring to your guild a list of all of my Market discoveries, and can even shop for your guild’s door prizes while I am there. Send me to Market with a budget from your guild, and I’ll come back with a bag of goodies for your Market Review meeting.  This is such a fun meeting that guild members will really look forward to.  The fee options are the same as for a lecture and demonstration.

*A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking.  This deposit is refundable up to 30 days prior to the event, and is applicable to the total fee due at the time of the event.

Out of respect for our friends at local quilt shops, this program is not available at guild meetings that occur at a quilt shop without prior arrangements between The Green Apricot and the quilt shop.  Also, I may demonstrate products that I do not carry in my store, but will, whenever possible, make sure guild members know where they can get those products.

Sound like something your guild might benefit from?  Contact me at!

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