Sweet Success

This page is under construction!  Check back soon for links to tutorials and videos.

I am WAY lazy.  In fact, in my world, laziness is the mother of invention.  Okay, maybe not that severe.  But close.

I prefer to find the most efficient way possible to reach my goal, whatever it may be.  If my goal is precision, then I don’t mind a little waste if it will help me meet that goal, but the least amount of waste would be best.  If my goal is fast and easy, then you can be sure I will be looking for the fastest and easiest way possible to get it done.

With that in mind, I often find shortcuts in patterns.  Sometimes I find typos or other small discrepancies.  This is the tab where I show you what I have found.  A library of shortcuts if you will.

So, just scroll over the Sweet Success tab, and a list of suggestions will pop up.  Enjoy!

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