Simple Knit Dress Workshop with Chrissy Weeks

You chose your dress or tunic pattern (some options listed below). And we will make them together. First we will make a sample and adjust your pattern for fit. Then we will make your dress out of your “for real” fabric.

Supplies: Bring your machine and basic sewing supplies. Thread to match your project, polyester is best for apparel. You can sew on a regular machine and / or serger. We will have a couple sergers available for class use, but limited thread color options. Please make sure to pre-wash and dry your fabric. Keep in mind when buying your fabric that natural fiber knit shrinks up to 40% be sure to buy extra if using a cotton or silk knit. Sample fabric needs to be similar weight and stretch to your “for real” fabric. Good quality fabric is easier to sew and will give you a nicer finished garment.

Pattern Suggestions:
Colette Patterns,  (Monetta, Myrtle)


McCalls Patterns (M7382, M7432, M7407)


Sew Caroline, (Out and About Dress)


Any dress pattern similar to these simple shapes is appropriate as long as it is a pattern intended for knits!

Best places to buy knits:
Gail K, in-town and Norcross,
Fine Fabric, Jimmy Carter Access Road 6218 Dawson Blvd Norcross, (678) 894-2067
Joann’s (has surprisingly decent knits)


Thursday, September 29, 2016, 9am- 4pm.  Nonmembers- $36, Members- 6 hours.  Click here to register.


A couple of months ago I acquired a few new toys from Sizzix and have been having a good time getting to know them. Last month we used the eclips2 to cut contact paper for glass etching as part of the Stuff Your Stocking event.

This month we have two quilt workshops coming up in the studio that use the Big Shot Pro die cut machine.  One of them is Sputnik, a raw edge applique quilt featuring circles cut using the Big Shot Pro.  Click here to see the free pattern from Sizzix, but note that we will only be using the circle die. Bring your fabrics ready to roll, but uncut.  We will fuse, cut and stitch during the workshop.

Juan and I have been talking about some things we want to experiment with, and I thought this quilt provided an opportunity. I wanted to see how Juan would do if I quilted the applique without stitching it down first. So, I put everything in place, then loaded it into Juan’s arms.

I wasn’t really sure how it would work because we have had some trouble with quilting through applique with fusible web. After talking to a few friends and getting a tip or two, we got rolling.

Not too bad. And this quilt was fun because almost all of the fabric, including the backing, was scrap.  The only new piece was the background, which is Kona Silver, and one of my favorites. It came together quickly, and I’m thinking of doing another one to have on hand as a baby gift. Or maybe several for charitable purposes. We shall see.

The other quilt we’ll be using the Big Shot Pro for is the Wave quilt by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. I’m planning on making mine this week, but here’s a preview from the free Sizzix pattern-

And how about this American flag version using the same die?  I’m thinking they both are pretty much fantastic.

Stuff Your Stocking: Stockings, Pillow Mattresses and Sunglass Cases

As one of our daughter’s says on the 4th of July, “Christmas is tomorrow!” Pretty close, anyway. Use the week of July 26-30 to knock out a bit of your Christmas list. Or maybe just a gift list for any time of year. Or maybe just some fun stuff for yourself. Either way, each day is packed with multiple projects, and lots of fun!  Pick which projects you want to do each day, or make one of each- it’s all up to you.  Click here for the full calendar.

Up first- Tuesday, July 26- Stockings, Pillow Mattresses and Sunglass Cases


I have made lots of Christmas stockings over the years, and have had a lot of fun each time.  I recently found this method onlie, and I’m pretty excited about it.  Check out Sew Like My Mom for details and supplies needed.  I have a plexiglass stocking pattern that you can use if you would like to cut yours out in the studio.

I love the idea of our grandkids being able to use these at our house when they spend the night or are watching television.  You can easily pull the pillows out for washing, and they can be used as chairs as well as sleeping mats.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and while I can find lots of pictures, there are not so many clear instructions.  Bring a twin sheet OR premade pillowcases OR 3 yds of 60″ wide fabric.  Of course, you could make your fabric… just sayin.
How fun are these?!?  I especially love that the tutorial at Thread Riding Hood offers several different finishing options.  If you choose this project, make sure to go to the tutorial page and check the supply list for the case or cases you would like to make.  If you need magnetic closures or button cover kits or the like, just let me know and I can order them for you.  Remember, 15% off for The Green Apricot members.

In order to make the most of your time, I suggest having fabrics chosen and as much cutting as possible done ahead of time.  Think of this time in the studio similarly to a retreat.

Don’t forget all of your goodies- machine, projects, and maybe your favorite snacks and a sack lunch.  (Or we can order out for lunch- no problem!)

Nonmembers- $36, Members- 6 hours (each day) Click here to register for Tuesday, July 26

*squeal* Jen Kingwell is coming to Atlanta! *squeal*


I first met Jen Kingwell a couple of years ago at Fall Quilt Market in Houston, TX.  She was quietly in her booth, surrounded by some of the most phenom quilts I had ever seen.  Circle Game caught my heart hard and fast.  Green Tea and Sweet Beans was there too.  I was just blown away by everything from the fabric selection to the execution.  And Jen.  She couldn’t have been more delightful to chat with.  I felt like saying to everyone I met, “Hey, did you see that Jen Kingwell lady?!?”  I know, totally professional.

At that time I had no idea that I would ever have a studio, much less the opportunity to host this hand-piecing, hand-quilting, crazy awesome Aussie designer for a workshop and trunk show!  Yeah, that’s right.  She’s coming here.  I die.

So, here’s the scoop.  Intown Quilters, the phenom quilt shop in Atlanta, and I have partnered up to bring Jen to town.  All workshops are $165, lunch included, pattern/book required, no machines, limit 20 attendees.  Trunk shows are $20, no supplies needed, limit 40 attendees.  Click on links to register online.  Here’s the schedule:

jk my small world quilt

Monday, Nov. 2, 10 am-5 pm, at Intown Quilters, My Small World (brand new pattern!)
Link to sign up:


Tuesday, Nov. 3, 10 am-5 pm, at Intown Quilters, Bring Me Flowers
Link to sign up:


Tuesday, Nov. 3, 7-9 pm, at Intown Quilters, Trunk Show
Link to sign up:


Wednesday, Nov. 4, at Intown Quilters, Georgetown on My Mind
Link to sign up:

spring fever

Thursday, Nov. 5, 9am- 4pm, at The Green Apricot, Spring Fever from Quilt Lovely
Link to sign up:


Thursday, Nov. 5, 7-9pm, at The Green Apricot, Trunk Show
Link to sign up:

We began with a registration priority list, so these classes have already begun to fill.  Don’t wait to sign up, and if sign-ups are full, be sure to contact Intown Quilters (404-634-6924) or The Green Apricot (770-584-3498) for a waiting list in case of any cancellations, although registration is strictly an online process.  (You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to register via PayPal.)

Okay, so now that all of the nitty gritty is out of the way, is it okay if I just totally have a quilt geek moment?  Will you join me in a bit of a happy dance?  And maybe a little delightful giggle?

See you in November…

It’s all ’bout dat bag… The Betsy Travel Bag

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The Betsy Travel Bag by Kristi McDonough of Schnitzel and Boo is crazy popular right now.  It’s all over Instagram, and the pattern release from Rebel Craft Media on April 1 has been a huge success.  Through the happy circumstance also known as The Stash Bash, I actually met Kristi last year.  It was at that same event that Kristi and Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call Me Betsy decided to start a #SwapOfEpicProportions, a bag for a mini, if you will.  In fact, the mini that Elizabeth made for Kristi is on loan at The Green Apricot and is adorning the studio with its awesome sauce.


It’s the pink, yellow, turquoise and black starry one. Pretty fab, huh?

The bag that Kristi made for Elizabeth became The Betsy Travel Bag, and there’s lots of info about blog hops and background stories on Schnitzel & Boo’s site.  There’s even a sewalong on Instagram- check out @schnitzelandboo and #BetsySewAlong or #TheBetsyTravelBag for more details and to see everyone’s progress.

Kristi and I were chatting about her bag pattern last Fall, right about the time that The Green Apricot studio was starting to form.  So, I asked her if she would be willing to come to The Green Apricot to teach, and she said “No way.”

Just kidding.

So, here we are- just a couple of days away from The Betsy Travel Bag debut workshop at The Green Apricot, and I don’t mind telling you I am pretty excited about it.  I feel so very blessed to be surrounded by such talented people, and I am thrilled to have Kristi coming to the studio.  I am also excited about learning how to make this crazy bag.  Because it scares the crap out of me and I know I wouldn’t even try to make it without her help!  Hardware and gussets and zippers- it’s got it all.

It’s going to be epic.

Saturday Sew-In featuring The Betsy Travel Bag
Saturday, April 18, 3-9 pm
Nonmembers- $30, Members- 6 hours
More info about the studio and membership? Click here.